How I managed to earn $4000/month online at the age of 18?


At the age of 18, who dreams of making money? No one. Right?

But, I did!

Brijesh Gohil

Brijesh Gohil – While his recent trip to Dubai

Let me start with the introduction to myself. I am Brijesh Gohil from Ahmedabad, India. A calm and shy type of guy who don’t like to speak much with people. I completed my Diploma in Computer Engineering from Nirma University in the year of 2013 and completed B.Tech this year from Silveroak College of Engineering & Technology (yet to complete actually — backlog bullshit).

This story is going to be very long and it includes lot of my online earning experiences. I hope you find it interesting and worthy enough to start your own business online.

It all began in 2012 when I came to know about one of my cousin brothers who use to earn a lot online (he still does and so am I 😀 ) so, I decided to ask him about his work. I had zero knowledge about websites at that time and I didn’t even knew that we can actually make money from websites but I loved computers since my childhood. And, I think that was the reason I found my cousin’s work so much interesting that I decided to do it at so young age.

He explained me everything about his websites and helped me a lot to get my first ever website online.

On 9th June, 2013 I signed up on and created my first blog -( with the help of my brother. I was so much excited that I published the first blog post on my newly created blog on the same day. I kept on writing new blog posts for about 2 months on that blog and in those 2 months, I learned a lot about writing content for websites and how to present things to people to make it look more interesting.

Then, as per the suggestion of my cousin brother, I moved to WordPress and that’s when my real online earning journey began.

I registered my first ever domain name – on 13th August, 2013 and setup my first wordpress website (of-course my cousin helped me to setup the website as I was complete novice to domains and servers at that time). Then, on 15th August, 2013 (coincidentally — on Independence Day of India)I published the first blog post on my blog.

For about 1 year, I kept on continuously writing and posting the new blog posts on my blog without earning a single dime! I felt like quitting a lot of times in that 1st year of my online earning journey but I didn’t. I kept on learning new things and implementing them on my blog.

Actually, I was trying to get my Adsense account approved at that time. I failed for 4 times in a row to get the adsense account approved for my website but I didn’t gave up. I studied and improved the things that were wrong on my website and then again submitted it for the review by Google Adsense team.

Finally on 8th July, 2014 I got my Adsense account approved and I couldn’t express how happy I was on that day. I still remember the day when I received my first $100.00 from Adsense which was actually my earnings of 3 months!

I didn’t stop. I kept on working and month after month my earnings kept on increasing after few months of work I managed to earn $100 per month and then it increased to $300 per month.

My earnings were stable for couple of months and my site was also doing great in Google. Meanwhile, I decided to ask my cousin brother if I am doing everything right or not and that’s when he introduced me to the whole new world of online earning — “Affiliate Marketing”.

I signed up on the (an Indian e-commerce giant) affiliate network and started promoting products of Flipkart on my site. I managed to make about another 7000 INR (approximately $100) per month from Flipkart affiliate network and that made my total income to become $400 per month which was not at all bad for a high school student.

I never stopped. I knew that there’s lot more that I can do to make more money online. And, on one fine day I figured out that Indians are not good at purchasing things online. People in India (including me at that time) check the prices of products online but still most of them prefer to purchase from the stores.

That’s when I decided to target the overseas markets. So I signed up to the affiliate network and started promoting products on to the US audience.

It was very tough for me to get started with this. For first couple of months my earnings from Amazon affiliate network was almost equal to zero but after few months I started getting conversions. People liked the content on my website and started buying my recommended products from Amazon.

Things got better with time.

I received my first check from Amazon of $314.56 which was actually my earnings of 4 months (June to September, 2014)! Still not bad as I was just getting started with it. Then on the very next month I made $212.61 and then the next month it got doubled to $418.86.

And, then came the moment when I made it huge. In December, 2014 it was Black Friday sale at Amazon and I made my first 6 figure income that month. I made $1600.24 (approximately 1,00,000 INR) in just one month and at that time my age was exactly 18 years old.

I kept on working for whole 2015 on my site and my income by the 3rd Quarter of 2015 was almost tripled. In August, 2015 I made $3,862.29 (approximately 2,25,000 INR). And, then in 4th Quarter I finally crossed the milestone of earning $4,000.00 per month.

My life was good. I would say very good. But, things don’t always go as we think. I also had to go through the toughest time of my online earning journey in 2016 when my site was penalised by Google. In simple words, Google stopped showing my site in Google search results because it violated their policies.

That affected me a lot and I was on the verge of deleting my site and stop my online earning journey there but again I talked about this to my cousin brother and he motivated me to start again.

In January, 2016 I started a new website and after one year things are better again. Today, I have 3 websites up and making money for me and I am about to start another one in next few weeks and I am also interested in starting my own dropshipping business by the end of this year.

All this didn’t happened overnight. It is result of years of continuous dedication, lot of sleepless nights and “patience”.

I believe everything can be done if we really want to. There’s only one thing stopping us from doing it and that’s our own laziness. With hard work and persistence we can achieve anything.

I am thankful to my parents for always believing and supporting me and to Mehul Hingu — my cousin brother who introduced me to this amazing online money making world and helped me to achieve whatever I am today. Without him this would not be possible.

Thank you for taking time in reading this. I wish you all luck in your life.


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